Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Year New Me (?)

Hehhehehe lahai tajuk pun,,,

I had been longing to write a story about school activities actually muehhe,,, so hows your 2017 doing??? Mine doingb pretty good i guees?? Kekkekkee,,,

So this year, i was placed in 5 Al KINDI . That was the correct way to spell the name which i mistaken with KHINDI huwaaaaa hhehehe,,, for the first week, i got a small problem to adapt with the environment which i guess everyone did too. But as time pass by, we slowly getting along and i had this thing i called attachment towards my new classmates 💞

In the class, we sat in groups. My deskmates were amazing Najwa, Lovely cheq and Fakh the qt! 😆 and me myself, the beauty 😜

I dont know if this was too early to be written, but still i think i love themmm!!! (Classmates)

I considered myself veryyy Lucky to be one of the Kindi's. The teachers were abracadabraahdhsus hehehhe i did not know how to express it but i love all the teachers!!!! Wohooo and for this year finally, i got to learn bm with cikgu lan!!!! Muhehehehehee,,,,, ;p

The girls of kindi were semua best best termasuklah boys pun. Hehehhe i dont know what to write anymore about my class oh yeah,, our homeroom teacher is Cikgu Fatmawati who was soooo comel and baik oh myyy hehehhe,,,

Ok untuk dorm pulak,, masyaAllah Astaghfirullah fuhhhh dahsyat lahh hehhehehe,,, thanks God i got the best dormates ever!!!! Form five girls of tok raja ri memang bengong bengong belake, dohla bengong gong pulok owoh tapi gitu ah, bab belajor memang sek straight a plus belaka Amin, Amin, Amin.... hhehehee,,,

I think thats all ok goodbye !!! And Happy Chinese New Years and Happy Holiday!!!

#tovverysoon !!!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

and again

haii,,, omg im so frustrated with blogger!!!!!  few days ago, i wrote an entry about school but the post cannot be published ,, i took quite an effort writing the entry and it end up like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
so, this saturday i will be back to school ! omo time sure flies superrr fast! i ended up having my holiday wasted >< my holiday was not that productive. i only stayed at home during this school break since my dad was super busy. and me is seriously will be dead because i did not study pun!!! ottokaee?? 

my biggest concern was my physics task ! i only finished one experiment and it still got a long way to finished up all the experiments. i did not know how i will be doing next year *.*

^ my favourite classmates ! 4 Al Biruni 2016 .