Wednesday, 28 December 2016

and again

haii,,, omg im so frustrated with blogger!!!!!  few days ago, i wrote an entry about school but the post cannot be published ,, i took quite an effort writing the entry and it end up like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
so, this saturday i will be back to school ! omo time sure flies superrr fast! i ended up having my holiday wasted >< my holiday was not that productive. i only stayed at home during this school break since my dad was super busy. and me is seriously will be dead because i did not study pun!!! ottokaee?? 

my biggest concern was my physics task ! i only finished one experiment and it still got a long way to finished up all the experiments. i did not know how i will be doing next year *.*

^ my favourite classmates ! 4 Al Biruni 2016 . 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Saya dan kawan kawan

It just me my friends and i hejhehe,,

Annyeong haseyo!!!  Apa khabar semua??? Form 3 tu result pe citer???? Hehhehehehe,,,,

Saja je tulis post ni sebab nak share gambar tu,, walaupun gambar bad quality sebab bergegar tapi i look super happy there so it is a must for me to share my happiness with everyone??? Hehehehe..

Omoooo,, im gonna miss them so much!!!!! Tapi satu benda aku terkilan pasal gambar tu which is, the boys is so tak hensem, sakit mata tengok huwaaa!!!! Dkpelah hudoh pun, nakal pun, gedik pun, nyekit pun asalkan baik hati, sembahyang dok tinggal walaupun masa zuhur dgn asar dok sembahyang berjemaah sebab ikut ngat cakap syaitan suruh wak air liur basi atas meja!!!!!

Gurau jerrrrkkKk.

Tahun depan kalau tak de perubahan baru, aku akan duduk dekat kelas Al-Khindi. Hmmmmm tak tahu la macam mana tahun depan. I highly hoping that Allah will ease my study so that i can do very very veryb well in my upcoming super big examination, SPM!!! OMO IM SO SCARED!!!!

Dear you who read this post, i hope you can pray for me and also my friends, for us to get a flying colours result, thank you!!! #roadtoSPM #future9Aplus