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So, this entry will be about me talking about why i think time management is difficult for people at my age.

I personally think that this not gonna be so much of issues if each one of us realise the significant role time plays in our life and the value of time itself. However, even me myself who seem to claim that i knew about it still lacking in time management. So, the question here is WHY?

Firstly, i think we do not really take things seriously when we are doing something or when we were told to do something. We always think that we have so much time left and we do not really plans what we are going to do next or what we actually should be doing at that time. We tend to enjoy life at the moments (because that what we think we should do #youngwildandfree) and only started to panicked when we actually realize that we had an assignment to submit the next day! or all the laundries that are waiting to be done.

Next, i think it becomes difficult because WE PROCRASTINATE A LOT. I'm not trying to exaggerate things or being dramatic but we do procrastinate like almost all the time or is it just me? I think that is the reason why we always do work at the last minute. So, perhaps with time management we might actually can stop from procrastinate too much on things.

Last but not least, the final reason that i could think of is maybe... we, 18-years-old-confused-young-adults are actually are not so exposed with time management that clearly. As a result, we do not even know how to effectively manage our time.

In the end, what i can conclude here is we should really apply the concept of time management in our life as it is a major factor in order for us to reach our goals in life. without proper time management, it might lead us to a path that we do not intend to go. So, think wisely about what you feel about this time management thingy and starts to make a change.

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you satisfied in the future"

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haiii ain, the procrastinate part is so true hahahh >.<

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