Monday, 5 March 2018

Hello everyone!!!

Im longing to write....
Blogger is the most comfortable place where i could write everythingggg that i wants. Where i can actually being me. My little space of private place oh soo much love for this blog.

I went to my kampung last friday. Just got back home yesterday and i missed my kampung very very badlyy !!!!!! Overcome the rindu now but yesterday was soooo susahh i feel like crying because i missed the kampung and everyone there so so muchhhhh nak balik sana lagiiii

I had realised that lots of things had changed. Now I'm turning 18 this years, how time flies... it still vivid when 5 years old me cried her heart outs when she was told by her parents that they were moving out.

However when i got back there i still feel the same excitement. Despite the special occasion like hari raya puasa and hari raya haji become less happening i still love it as everyone would gather at kampung. One thing that saddens me is the fact that i will never see the face of my loved ones at kampung as they all get older. This bothers me the most. Tearing up while writing this. Honestly so so scared....

I always feel welcomed and loved by them. It is the feeling that i can't explain with words. I just love love love loveeee them so much...........

Going back there again this upcoming school holiday inshaAllah hehehe... psssst,,, this upcoming holiday is on March15!!!! Sorry tak boleh chill. Uwaaa ya Allah bless me with all the good things...

Oh and i did meet my friend there. It was Jiah hahahahahaha oh my just miss her already and soo happy we meet up!! Jiah be like ehh ehh ain kan...OMG ye lahhh jiahhhhh.... hehehehe aisyah humaira org ajok jupe ye g ekspo erhhh

Heheh ok la bye!!! Love love love, me ;*


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