Pyeongchang 2018

Saturday, 17 February 2018


OMG seriously why is there soooo many talented people out there?????

18 and still a potato. That's me while other, 18 and is a gold medalist at olympics..... i feel timid uwaaaa sedihnya....

For those who already figured out your talents, have no doubt about them... work your talents towards your dream.... as for me well yeah I'm still figuring them out(actually doesn't know anymore,I'm like TT) maybe being ordinary is my talent uwaaaa huhu takpelah sis redha...

They all are so freaking amazing fabulous well talented skaters!!!!! I am so proud of Julian Yee who is MALAYSIAN skater. Fuhhh sungguh bangga... almost shed a tear :") lol i actually did... taklah aku macam tak boleh la kalau tgk competition ni rasa macam asdffghjjkl haaaa rasa apa tu agak agak ye???? Aku pun tak tahuhuhu

Oh aku tgk yang men. The winner is NATHAN CHEN(legit so handsome*heart eyes*) U.S. skater.. very heart touching moment when he cried.... and yes he is only eighteen years old. Oh Tuhan, what I've been doing my whole life?? :")

After watching that i suddenly figured out whom i wanna get married to in the future... hahahahaha im going to marry ice skater athlete.. hahahhahahaha lol kamek gurau jek.. ;p

Ok lah bye!

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