Cooking Fever

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Hehe ain here...
Emm so i don't feel like writing entry for blog kebelakangan ini... hahaha tak tahu la kenapa... lagipun tak tahu nak tulis apa..

I've been staying at home for months.., my dad was super busy this days. He had been working on weekend also... i am so bored. There was nothing to do. I'm thinking about going to my kampung and stay there. Damn things will turn out great since i can meet many of my friends there!!!  Serius tak sabar. Tapi bila??? Hmmm

Sekarang ni i just watch movies drama and youtube to fill my day supya tidak lah kosong sangat.. and i also into games. For now i play cooking fever hahahah which is my third game because the other two became boring already. Besides for this game I've been playing until now, ada cara nak dapat gems!!! Holla im so happy lol yes it's cheating tapi this is the only way to make the game more enjoyable!!!

Oklah till we meet again Assalamualaikum ;)

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