Thursday, 22 February 2018

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Heyy so it's me again em yeahhh hahahaha sekali start tulis tak boleh berhenti pulak rasa nak tulis je.
So I'm gonna write a review pasal movie Coco. I actually just finished watching it just now and i feel like writing about it so yeah here i am...
I know I'm late hahhahaa. So without sembang sembang let's get to the point. Okey first if you are doubting whether to watch it or not then yes you should watch it!!! This movie is very light and fun and ashshystsbs yes it was GOOD!
It contains very loving messages mostly about family. God i loveee my family :") there will be scenes where you most likely to shed tears. Oh papa..
I mean just go and watch it!!! Mama coco, i don't know i just love her so much!!! She is so cute and so does her great great grandson Migail! Hehe...
I wish i watch it earlier at cinema...... hmmm
Ok gotta review some more movies later! Gracias!!! Ehhhh hahahaha
Oh overall 9/10 ο’–ο‘…ο‘‹

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Blogger Noor Maizan said...
Movie coco? Ada eh? Hehehe ketinggalan pulak sekarang, lama tak pi wayang.
Blogger aindew said...
@Noor Maizan
hehe xpe boleh download.. :D

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