Happy 2018

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hello everyone !


It's already 2018,happy celebrating! Tapi hari ni dah 2 hari bulan huhu
So apa resolutions korang tahun ni??? Hehe...

I don't have any specific resolution. I just want to do my very best in everything that i am doing and be genuinely happy about life hehehhe,,, also i do really want to achieve a veryyyyyyyy kebaboom results for my spm !!! Huwaaa pleaseeee pray for me. 9A plus, be mine.

So this year also i had becoming unofficially EIGHTEEN omg! What is this????!! Lol very nervous to be honest and pretty kinda excited? Hahahaha lol im honestly so scared because this age kind of mean almost adult??!! By the word adult i already frightened grrr,,, im still a baby ok life should stop kidding me sobsob

Camne ni guyssssss hahahhahahaha hope everything went well la this year. Im so new to this big big biggggggg giant world oh i wish i will survive. No i need to. When my parents told me to go for driving class i be like nooo im not going to drive a car already do i?? Omg ma abah how can you put me on the road im still kid!!! Nooooo i hate this idea nooo but eee susah la macam ni

Lol irony sangat. Masa kecik nak jadi org besar and when the time comes you be like no im still a baby heck!

Hehehe,, btw being 18 means kau tak payah lagi nak tipu akak tiket wayang about your age. Ic tertinggal la apa la eee bongok la bila ingat balik hahahahahahahaha untuk bulan januari ni im so excited for ayat ayat cinta 2 hahahah jiwang teruks lol 11 januari di pawagam!! Who else excited for this movie??? Hehehe

Aku rasa tu saja. Bye! ;p


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