Sunday, 7 January 2018

Hello people :) hey it just me and izzah. Randomly picked this photo. Hehhe...

Whenever i looked at this photo, i feel so loved by izzah hahahhaha idk but i sure know that i love her ! ;) rindunyaaa rindu plan double date tak jadi hahahaha 

Last year (wow) last year im stunned by the words of last year. Huhu so sebenarnya tahun lepas we planned nak buat double date la kononnya. Izzah dengan tutttt aku pulak dgn tuttt ahahhajahahaa tapi aku cancel kan sebab aku rasa pissed off dengan tuttt ni hahahaha 

Jangan salah paham aku takde relay pun dgn tuttt saja main main hahahha bongok la dia pun tak suka aku hahahahha 

Eh no no ni dah lari from the real content of what i actually planned to write. Peluang?? So ada apa dgn peluang?? Peluang I'm talking here adalah a new opportunity that life rewards us each day. There is a saying said "Each day is a new Opportunity" 

Some of us might not realizing it just yet but a new day is a new opportunity to be better yes better. Better than yesterday. So why not we appreciate each day and do something good and productive or just simply doing things that can make us happy with life and stop from being lazy. 

I wrote this also as a reminder for myself. Lets be positive im every ways. Surround ourselves with positive people. Stop allowing bad thoughts consume us. We are more than we think. Life passionately i would said hehhe.. just be thankful for everything that happened in our life. Stop blaming ourselves for things that we not achieved yet. Take a good care of people arround us just just APPRECIATE EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN OUR LIFE AND HAVE FAITH ;)

better days awaits!!

#dontforgettosayAlhamdulilah hehhe spread love not hate see you in the next post !

P/s: spm spm spm spm spm (im so worried guys)

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