Little things about me

Saturday, 30 December 2017

1. I love writing
2. I love music
3. I love cake
4. I love everythinggggg about KOREA
5. I love Korean
6. I love Kdrama
7. I love Kpop
8. I love Kshow
9. I love Justin Bieber
10. Can't resist Justin's beautiful voice
11. I don't ship Jelena at first
12. Only start shipping Jelena after they already broke up (2016)
13. Jay Park is adorable
14. Crooked by GD was lit and he himself was 
15. I love Suzy
16. She is pretty and beautiful
17. I don't compliment much
18. When i do i REALLY MEAN IT
19. I love learning new things
20. I enjoy doing art and crafting
21. I wish to go to Finland and Santorini
22. I really LOVE adventure
23. I really want to join Law of the Jungle hehe
24. I dream to involve in Korean show
25. I love Korean lifestyle
26. Right now, 2224 hour, 2ndJan18 i really want to eat nabati
27. Call me whatever you wish KPOP HAD BECOME MY OBSESSION
28. I want to meet a man who loves kpop hahahaha (so we can attend concert together)
29. I wish to live in Korea
30. Buy an apartment at Gangnam lol (keep on dreaming!)
31. Why Manu so handsome!??
32. I love Gabriel and Jess
33. Alfie and Zoella also
34. Fast Food is BAE
35. Too Faced Eyeshadow Kit (want!!!)
36. I am bad at memorizing
37. Korea Korea Korea
38. I love learning new cultures
39. I enjoy Movies at cinema (who doesn't hehe)
40. Fangirling is my thing
41. Not a cat lover
42. Define Happiness: Ice Cream
43. Man who is into art deserves me hahahahahaha
47. I love to read(and write) poems
48. I read astrology(horoscope) a lot hahaha
49. Damn i just love kpop idol (jeongmalllljeongmalllll)
50. Cannot get over the fact that my young Bae was married!(T,T)
51. I lllloveeee bread(since forever)
52. Guys who love country music(WHERE ARE YOU ! )
53. I love every kind of sports
54. I would love to visit art museum one day
55. I wanna go to disneyland
56. I love flowers and cute things hehe
57. I don't need fancy things.  Every small effort counts
58. Friends make life 100 times better
59. Art
60. Books(especially poetry) 
70. Candles
80. Doing D.I.Y and watching D.I.Y
81. To be continued
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