seven first kisses ._.

Friday, 16 December 2016

*reposting the last night entry*

Hye !
So as i promised in my last entry that I'll be posted an entry a day yeah sorry that i skip a day hehehhee so here i am writing an entry at this i called late-night-hour whatsoever muehhehehe lol how can it not be considered late as i writing it at 5 minutes before 2 a.m. 😝

Emmmmm so i put some thought on what i should write so i think I'll be writing about read the tittle; um oh yes SEVEN FIRST KISSES hehehhehe so who else had been watching it too?????

So petang tadi i watched the episode four where there was JI CHANG WOOK OH MY GOD 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 heehehehe tbh, if i were to choose among the seven hot hensem comel sexy oh demm boy of course la i pilih semua hehehehehhe tapi hidup tak boleh tamak so i will choose changwook OPPA (;p) and leeminho OPPA (;p) hehehe geli lak guna oppa oppa ni wekkk

Hehehhee dalam ta k boleh tamak tu i still tamak to choose two hehehhehe biar lah. Pilih je bukan dapat pun 😭😭

Woo untung gila the girl lead tuuu supsup(sobsob)

I highly recommend this drama kepada yang nak menghiburkan mata, yang nak mencipta angan angan baru ㅠㅠ , yang apa apa je lah untuk tgk this commercial short film of lotte

Oh how i wish one day aku dapat taip a useful entry not like my posts which always nonsense;full of my bubbling bubbling  hehehe ok la selamat sejahtera bye!


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