Friday, 16 December 2016

Hai it just me and my thoughts.

Well often we heard that people said, 2am thoughts is worst so does 3am thoughts so does 4 am thoughts lol hhehehe

Well 2pm thoughts could be worse too if you tend to think so but emmm mungkin betul lah apa yang orang cakap about am thoughts tu sebab pagi pagi buta orang semua tidur tinggal kita dengan suara yang cakap kat dalam kita je and masatula macam macam benda da tang untuk difikirkan acewahhh heehe...

So tadi aku buka wechat and it inspired me to write this entry yeahh hmmm,,,

Ok for me myself i always thought that im this kind of person who judge everything yeahhh of course la aku tak judge depan depan but yeahhh hmmm judging is no good of course so i will change the word to ummm self thought??? Sound much better and polite doesnt it? Hehehehe...

Yeah about me browsing wechat, aku perati like some of the moments the user post is so ugh like stop doing that just be yourself , oh come on just be you stop being fake, yo what it is with your language ok don't get me wrong. This is just a personal thought and of course wechat dia ikut suka dia la nak post apa pun kan kan

Hmmmm aku ra sa cam something wrong la dgn aku ni hehhehehehe dont let my fucked up thoughts make you quit using wechat hehhehehe kesah pulak a pa a ku fikir kan hehhehehehrhrhrhrhrhhehr

Help me ! Idk y but at this moment i feel,, ummm ummmmm

Ok berenti dulu

Sorry for this absurd(????) entry

Ignore this entry. Please. Have a happy life!!!!!! Bye bye,lovelove,me ;p


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