Ramadan Al Kareem

Thursday, 2 June 2016

When your heart and soul longs for the blessed month of ramadan. Ramadhan in a few days.. who is excited???

Hewhewww ndaa sabau naa heeee...

Semoga kita semua diberi kesempatan untuk bertemu dengan bulan mulia, ramadhan al kareem bulan that is filled with peace, love, tranquility, humbleness and goodness. 

Ramadan tiba semua bahagia 😁😁
Bulan yang indah Bulan yang mulia Bulan terhapus api neraka dumm dumm dummm lalallaallaallalalalala hehhehe🎶🎶💞🎆

I hope for the best of me and for every muslimin dan muslimat di luar sana acewahhh hiks. I have never felt such a great need of Ramadan as i do this year. I just want to fill my heart with the words of the Almighty. I want to focus on my inner connection to the Only One who understand me completely. 

I need to strengthen my heart and put my full trust in Allah beautiful plan. I want to be there for those who are seeking help, for those who are in need and do as many good deeds as possible inshaAllah 😊

I pray this for me, my family, the whole ummah and those who are seeking for guidance. Ya Rabb please let this Ramadan change us to the better one. Let our relationship with You grow stronger every second that goes. Fill our heart, mind and soul with Your remembrance. Help us throughout this life to the best hereafter. O Allah, forgive us. Make us stronger. Protect us. You know what is the best for us. Guide us to the right path. Ameen...

Peace be upon you all


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