I am okey

Saturday, 27 February 2016


When you are sixteen and you feel like dying because of something and all you ever wanna do at that times is to tear out your veins.

They tell me that everything will be okey but they dont tell me what i want to hear.

They dont tell me;--

That it is okey to not want to be a person sometimes; maybe i can be a piece of pizza or a burger or a justin bieber(?)

They dont tell me;--

That it is okey to feel tired all the ways to my bone; to feel tired both physical and mental.

They dont tell me;--

That i am allowed to cry until i cant breath anymore.


I dont have to get out of bed if dont want too (but still i have too because school ugh)

They always tell me that everything will be okey but despite all of this they forgot to remind me that i will be okey too.

I dont even know why i write this entry
But if you are reading this entry i just want to let you know,

When your heart is shattering into a million pieces it is okey to spill everything out. Please, dont bear it by your ownself.
You are human and i am a human. We both have a feelings and i know how it feels to bottle up all the emotions to ourselves because we dont have anyone to share it with, it hurts as hell.
We cannot be strong for all the times.
Some day, the walls we build may broke but it is okey.
But still, dont forget to gather all the strength again because life goes on.
We cannot be sad for all the time!
Keep on going to be that happy, strong person that people thought we were.
Life is sad but its not all that bad! Cherish every moment in your life, spread love to people around you. Be kind and stay positive! You are loved. :)

Tq, entri merapu repu repa entah apa apa ok sayonara hikshuks


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