Saturday, 22 November 2014

finally , school holiday had come :) i think i'm going to miss all of my friends n i'm thinking of doing nothing but meet them next year because i'm in a mood of avoiding everyone. i already deactived my fb account, ignore all the message i got, reply no to whatsapp message n trying my best to deactived my twitter acc but it's too hard for me to do that, hmmm

i try to improve my english by writing post in english. hehe ;> my english is too bad and i'm not happy for that. i still got confused about past tense and present tense. that is not good :/ correct me if i'm wrong.

i spend my day on WGM all day. i can't even believe myself. hehe.. anyway, i'm really in love with song jae rim personality. he is a guy of my dream :D . i just love the way he express his feelings towards kim so eun. thats kind of cute. ohh, bring me this kind of guy <3 <3
thats enough for now. bye <3

last but not least, i'm in love with this new skin <3. 

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