Saturday, 22 November 2014

hye :) the internet is so slow and it's really frustrated i open my blog and the skin look sad. but i'm not thinking of changing it. maybe i'll be doing it next time. i'm not that bored by staying at my room doing nothing but i really need a vacation i guess. hmmm....

i'm thinking of going to kelantan and meet erna there so we can hanging out together as we had planned. that will be great. oh i can imagine that erna will treat me sushi king as i wish. haha... hmmm. i am missing erna n others already:( n i am hungry>>>

how good it could be if they all were beside me right now. sigh. i fall asleep when writing this.. omo~~~~~ maybe i should rest my mind since i've been thinking a lottttt this day .. hmmm bye. good night. sleep well for myself. tata<3

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